Wastewater Recovery Systems for Car Washes

If you are a new or veteran commercial carwash owner and have not yet invested in a wastewater recovery system for your business, then it is important to understand the numerous benefits of these systems.

Whether you operate a friction or touch-less carwash, one or more of these systems can be added to your facility to allow you to use the same water to wash and rinse cars numerous times. This can benefit both your bank account and the environment. Continue reading “Wastewater Recovery Systems for Car Washes”

3 Essential Pieces of Interior Automotive Detailing Equipment

If you own or operate a taxicab business or any company with a fleet of vehicles, you have to keep your car or truck fleet clean on the inside and out. However, after cleaning the insides of your cabs, you may still notice odors and stains left behind. While you may think you are simply not skilled at detailing your vehicle interiors, instead, you may be lacking the proper vehicle interior detailing equipment.

Read on to learn about three essential pieces of automotive detailing equipment that the pros use and how they can help you keep your taxicab interiors cleaner and more sanitary. Continue reading “3 Essential Pieces of Interior Automotive Detailing Equipment”

Features of an Industrial Steam Cleaner for Commercial Ice Dam Removal

In some parts of the country, the winter season can bring with it long and miserable stretches of below-freezing temperatures. New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, and even Alaska are all examples of states that deal with extreme bouts of cold weather and cold-weather precipitation. Unfortunately, the long stretches of cold and wintry precipitation can lead to ice damming on roofs.

Ice dams are ridges of ice that develop on the edge of a building’s roof. These dams form as a result of heat transfer through the roof that melts frozen precipitation and cold outdoor temperatures that rapidly freeze the runoff. For business owners and home owners, ice dams can be a huge and costly problem that leads to roof damage and leaks.

If you are in the business of ice dam removal, you probably already know that industrial steamers are the most effective removal method as they do not harm the structure of the building. However, you have so many different forms of industrial steamers to choose from. Here is a look at some of the best features to look for in a steamer for commercial ice dam removal.  Continue reading “Features of an Industrial Steam Cleaner for Commercial Ice Dam Removal”

Using and Protecting Your Pressure Washer This Winter? Guidelines for Cold Weather Pressure Washing & Winterizing

Pressure washers provide precise, powerful cleaning for homeowners and industrial employees alike. But when temperatures begin to fall, even businesses that rely on pressure washing may have to decide whether or not to continue using their pressure washers during the winter weather.

If you want to continue to use or protect your pressure washer in cold weather, follow these guidelines. Continue reading “Using and Protecting Your Pressure Washer This Winter? Guidelines for Cold Weather Pressure Washing & Winterizing”

Thorough Cleaning Through Careful Preparation: Maximizing Your Pressure Washer’s Effectiveness

When the stability and cleanliness of your business or that of a valued client are at stake, it’s important that the tools you use for that job are fully primed. Setting out on a timely and essential power-washing job only to see your washer struggle to perform will leave you frustrated and eager to avoid repeating that mistake.

Thankfully, addressing those issues doesn’t always require you to buy new equipment. It’s likely that a few minor adjustments can bring your current power washer up to a much stronger standard and can provide the service and performance that you really need from your cleaning tools.
Continue reading “Thorough Cleaning Through Careful Preparation: Maximizing Your Pressure Washer’s Effectiveness”

Waterproof Rain Gear: How It Works, What to Get, and How to Care for It

Seattle’s frequent rains are beautiful and make the area lush and verdant. However, when you work outdoors, you may get tired of being cold and wet, no matter how pretty the scenery is.

You can’t stop the rain and mist. You can, however, invest in rain gear, including waterproof jackets, bibs, and pants. These clothing items will keep you warm and dry even when the weather is disagreeable. Continue reading “Waterproof Rain Gear: How It Works, What to Get, and How to Care for It”

Should You Steam-Clean or Dry-Clean Your Carpet?

No matter what type of industry you work in, your commercial property needs clean carpets. But you have several methods at your disposal to keep them clean, including both steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Which method gets your carpets cleaner, and which one is the right choice for your business?

Below, we’ll tell you about the steam cleaning and dry cleaning processes, along with their pros and cons. At the end of this blog, you should be able to make an informed decision about which type of cleaning you want for your property and which type of equipment you’d rather invest in. Continue reading “Should You Steam-Clean or Dry-Clean Your Carpet?”

Firefighting Pump Kits

When you work as a firefighter, you know how quickly a fire can destroy property. You need powerful equipment to stop the fire and prevent it from spreading.

We have a simple, affordable solution. Many of our customers buy our high-quality pressure washers and use them as firefighting pump kits for Seattle, WA industries. We’re your local pressure washer experts, and we’ll create a customized piece of equipment to help you protect homes and buildings from fire damage. Continue reading “Firefighting Pump Kits”