Wastewater Recovery Systems for Car Washes

If you are a new or veteran commercial carwash owner and have not yet invested in a wastewater recovery system for your business, then it is important to understand the numerous benefits of these systems.

Whether you operate a friction or touch-less carwash, one or more of these systems can be added to your facility to allow you to use the same water to wash and rinse cars numerous times. This can benefit both your bank account and the environment. Continue reading “Wastewater Recovery Systems for Car Washes”

3 Essential Pieces of Interior Automotive Detailing Equipment

If you own or operate a taxicab business or any company with a fleet of vehicles, you have to keep your car or truck fleet clean on the inside and out. However, after cleaning the insides of your cabs, you may still notice odors and stains left behind. While you may think you are simply not skilled at detailing your vehicle interiors, instead, you may be lacking the proper vehicle interior detailing equipment.

Read on to learn about three essential pieces of automotive detailing equipment that the pros use and how they can help you keep your taxicab interiors cleaner and more sanitary. Continue reading “3 Essential Pieces of Interior Automotive Detailing Equipment”

Using and Protecting Your Pressure Washer This Winter? Guidelines for Cold Weather Pressure Washing & Winterizing

Pressure washers provide precise, powerful cleaning for homeowners and industrial employees alike. But when temperatures begin to fall, even businesses that rely on pressure washing may have to decide whether or not to continue using their pressure washers during the winter weather.

If you want to continue to use or protect your pressure washer in cold weather, follow these guidelines. Continue reading “Using and Protecting Your Pressure Washer This Winter? Guidelines for Cold Weather Pressure Washing & Winterizing”

Thorough Cleaning Through Careful Preparation: Maximizing Your Pressure Washer’s Effectiveness

When the stability and cleanliness of your business or that of a valued client are at stake, it’s important that the tools you use for that job are fully primed. Setting out on a timely and essential power-washing job only to see your washer struggle to perform will leave you frustrated and eager to avoid repeating that mistake.

Thankfully, addressing those issues doesn’t always require you to buy new equipment. It’s likely that a few minor adjustments can bring your current power washer up to a much stronger standard and can provide the service and performance that you really need from your cleaning tools.
Continue reading “Thorough Cleaning Through Careful Preparation: Maximizing Your Pressure Washer’s Effectiveness”

4 Essential Pieces of Motorized Equipment for Your New Landscaping Business

Like many Americans, you may be planning to throw off the shackles of the 9-to-5 workday and start your own landscaping business. Landscaping can be a lucrative business, with the demand for professional landscaping services experiencing steady and continuing growth in revenue and demand.

Running a landscaping business is also an excellent way to spend your days in the great outdoors instead of being confined to an office space. However, like with any self-employment, you need to ensure that your landscaping business can successfully compete with other landscaping businesses in your area.

One of the keys to success is having the right equipment. Along with the pieces of standard landscaping equipment such as a lawnmower, spade, and rake, you’ll need other specialist pieces of motorized equipment. Having the right equipment means you can provide your clients with a wider range of services and will also be able to complete your work faster, more efficiently, and with superior results.

Here are four essential pieces of professional motorized landscaping equipment you’ll require. Continue reading “4 Essential Pieces of Motorized Equipment for Your New Landscaping Business”

Getting the Most Out of Your Shop Vac: Tips for Optimum Use

Owning a shop vac for your business or home use is beneficial in many ways. This equipment can clean up spills and debris that a traditional vacuum cannot and is a very important tool in keeping the work area clean and safe.

To get the most out of your shop vac and extend its life as long as possible, you need to make sure you use it correctly and don’t abuse its abilities. Along with having this equipment serviced regularly, you can use the following tips for keeping your shop vac in its best condition. Continue reading “Getting the Most Out of Your Shop Vac: Tips for Optimum Use”

How to Buy the Perfect Pressure Washer

When you work in a dirty industry, you need the perfect piece of equipment to clean up the mess left behind. If you work in the fishing or marine industry, you need a high-powered machine to keep your docks and boat clean. If you work in construction, you need to constantly clean dirt and grime from walkways & equipment. And if you work in an industrial warehouse, you need durable machinery that can scrub high-traffic areas.  Facilities need to clean walkways, buildings, graffiti or even roofs.

In short, you need a pressure washer. Continue reading “How to Buy the Perfect Pressure Washer”

5 Ways to Use Pressure Washers for More Than Window Cleaning

You probably know that pressure washers are great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like your office building’s roof, siding, and windows. The stream of pressurized water quickly cuts through dirt and grime, leaving your windows crystal clear and your siding sparkling.

Although you understand how a pressure washer can help you in this respect, you may balk at purchasing one if you or your cleaning staff are only going to wash down the side of the building once in a while. It may seem like a better idea to let the grime build up and hire a professional to wash it off once a year or so.
Continue reading “5 Ways to Use Pressure Washers for More Than Window Cleaning”

Radiant Heaters

When you feel a bit chilly, you probably turn up the thermostat. After a few minutes (or hours), your current room as well as the rest of your house, office, or warehouse will feel toasty and warm.

But heating an entire building can seem inefficient and expensive, especially when you only feel drafty in a small portion of the space.  Also, workers that work outdoors such as construction sites tend to work more efficiently if they are kept warm.  That’s why you should choose radiant heat.
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4 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in the Workplace or Home

As the winter drags on, you may have noticed that your employees seem to be sick-or they’re at least suffering from a chronic cold. Despite some R&R, your employees still aren’t as healthy as they’d like to be. You may even think you can’t do anything to improve their well-being.

But did you know that you can do something to improve your employees’ overall health?

Thanks to steam cleaning, you can create a spick-and-span work environment and aid your staff members’ immune systems.
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