Safety Tips for Using Your Generator During Winter Construction

During the winter months, construction crews in Seattle can experience weather types ranging from sleet and rain to snow and wind. On occasion, these storms can cause power outages. For some construction managers, a power outage means they can’t work. However, new products, such as generators, allow crews to carry on their work despite the cold weather.

While outdoor power sources can save you quite a bit of time on a construction site, you should make sure you use your generator correctly. Improper use of a generator can lead to risks such as electric shock or carbon monoxide poisoning.
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The seasons and their corresponding weather patterns affect everything around you. No matter which industry you work in, your livelihood depends on the functionality of your machinery—so you can’t afford to ignore the changes that winter brings.

Ben’s Cleaner Sales can winterize machines like industrial cleaning equipment.  Rely on our professional knowledge and skillset to prepare your tools and machines for the cold months ahead.
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Should You Steam-Clean or Dry-Clean Your Carpet?

No matter what type of industry you work in, your commercial property needs clean carpets. But you have several methods at your disposal to keep them clean, including both steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Which method gets your carpets cleaner, and which one is the right choice for your business?

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Firefighting Pump Kits

When you work as a firefighter, you know how quickly a fire can destroy property. You need powerful equipment to stop the fire and prevent it from spreading.

We have a simple, affordable solution. Many of our customers buy our high-quality pressure washers and use them as firefighting pump kits for Seattle, WA industries. We’re your local pressure washer experts, and we’ll create a customized piece of equipment to help you protect homes and buildings from fire damage. Continue reading “Firefighting Pump Kits”

Pressure Washing versus Steam Cleaning

The Northwestern United States is one of the largest contributors to the fishing and boating industries. To stay successful in these career fields, you’ll need to carefully and effectively clean your machinery and equipment. After all, these items work best when they’re regularly cleaned and maintained.

At Ben’s Cleaner Sales, we sell and repair contract steam cleaning and pressure washing equipment in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Along with part replacements and equipment leasing, we also offer maintenance services for a variety of cleaning systems.

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