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Custom Projects

Expertise and creativity for your toughest jobs

If "off the shelf" products aren't going to do the job, the experts at Ben's Cleaner Sales can help you design a custom unit that's purpose-built to your specifications.

In fact, pressure washers, steam equipment and water treatment systems can be used in ways you might never imagine.

The Hulk

One of our favorite local projects was installing customized equipment into a box truck to ultimately clean and disinfect garbage cans.

We worked closely with our customer to transform this truck — affectionately nicknamed "The Hulk" — into a fully closed-loop wash water recycle system. In addition to garbage cans, The Hulk also handles concrete, hazardous waste and other heavy-duty jobs.

And true to its comic-book namesake, The Hulk itself is green — and not just the color. Featuring hydraulic motors, the fully-automated truck has no gas engines, and the waste water it produces is picked up, filtered and ready for reuse.

The IceCube Observatory

You'll find custom projects designed by the experts at Ben's Cleaner Sales across the country and even to the ends of the earth — literally!

We recently had the privilege of working with the University of Wisconsin to create ice drilling machinery for an Antarctic research station known as the IceCube Observatory.

Called the Enhanced Hot Water Drill, this complex device was — and is — the single largest piece of equipment at the South Pole. The system can penetrate more than two kilometers into the ice in less than two days.

Ben's Cleaner Sales also supplied equipment for dive suit heaters. A specially-designed pump circulates heated water through chambers in dive suits, keeping divers warm as they submerge into frigid deep-sea waters.

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We're ready for your custom project

With more than 65 years of experience with pressure washers, steam cleaners, outdoor power equipment, infrared heaters and more, the Ben's Cleaner Sales team has the expertise and creativity to customize exactly what you need — close to home or across the globe.

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